15th September 2019

Photo’s from the Burnham-on-sea competition held at Glenda Spooner 15th September 2019 Click on a picture to enlarge it. Photos by Ian Watt
Level 6 Level 1
Level 1 judge - Liz Bond
Level 2
Level 2 judge - Jenny Butters
Special Class  Level 4 Level 5 Level 3
Level 3 judge - Rachel Marshall
Level 4 judge - Pat Somerset
Level 5 judge - Mary Rayment
Level 6 with Chief Steward Julie Barrett judge - Pauline Chadwick
Apologies if anyone is missing from the photogrpah of their particular level some people seemed to simply ‘melt away’ not surprising with the temperature and sunshine!
We had a bit of a wait for one level to finish, so the following were ‘time fillers’!
“I am SURE that when i went to sleep that bowl was in the crate and my paws were dry!”
And they tried to sell Tombola tickets to me!
Special Class judge - Lesley Peters