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Well, I thought I had got away with omitting this page but it seems some people do actually want to contact us!


                                                                                                                                                           Date of page: 01/02/17

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IMPORTANT  NOTICE: Please feel free to send us details of your Kennel Club Licenced Rally competitions, events and workshops; and once we have your competition on our website, don’t forget to send us the Results! However, by sending us something to be included on this website, you are

A) Implicitly giving your permission for it to be published on this website;

B) To be downloaded and printed by anyone, free of charge;

C) Signifying that you are the copyright holder.

If you are not the copyright holder of the item being sent for inclusion on the website, you should ensure that the copyright holder notifies us (by email) of their permission to include the item as above.


Don’t forget, if your club, society, association or whatever teaches Kennel Club Rally, you can add your details to our “Clubs & Groups” pages. However, we do not accept general advertising.

You should send details in plain text , by email, with any attachments such as schedules, entry forms, and of course, the results, in the ‘PDF’ format. If you do not have the ability to create a PDF file, you can send the attachment in a Word or Excel document and we will produce the necessary PDF file.

You can contact us at : news @ rallynews.co.uk (note: spaces have been added to avoid auto-spammers)