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This page will includes links to important announcements and other interesting Rally items on the Kennel Club website which, to be honest, are often hard to find! Please note the links are not constantly monitored and if something doesn’t work please let us know at news@rallynews.co.uk. Each link has its own button.

                                                                                                                                                           Date of page: 04/12/16

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Updated versions of the specimen schedules for rally (and other activities) can now be downloaded from the Kennel Club website. Organisers of Kennel Club licensed events in these disciplines are reminded that all show schedules must conform to the current Kennel Club specimen schedules, and that no changes may be made to a show/trial schedule once issued, except with the permission of the Kennel Club.

The updated specimen schedules can be found here:

The downloads are in PDF format; Microsoft Word versions may be requested from the Working Dog Activities team by emailing WDA@thekennelclub.org.uk.

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The Kennel Club has announced a series of changes to obedience competition at Crufts from 2017.

An Inter-Regional Rally competition is to be introduced to Crufts from 2017, running in conjunction with the popular Inter-Regional Obedience competition which has been taking place at Crufts since 1982. The competitions will take place on the Thursday and Sunday of Crufts. The exact details are yet to be finalised. It has been further announced that the Obedience World Cup event will cease after Crufts 2016, to be replaced by the above events.

The Kennel Club has no plans to make any changes to the Obedience Championships at this time.




As at 1st  January 2016



The General Committee has recently approved an amendment to the rally regulations, the Kennel Club has announced. The amendment highlighted below was deferred for 12 months and will now come into effect on 1st January 2017:

Amendment to Regulation S17.f

As entries increase for rally shows, show organisers have been finding it more difficult to accommodate those judges wishing to split their time between judging and competing on the same day. Additionally, the working party considered that, as entries are increasing and the judges’ pool expands, not competing and judging on the same day will help prevent the conflict of interest which might arise.

The wording of the regulation allows for the partner of a judge to work a co-owned dog at the same level being judged by the co-owner, but not in the part of a class being judged by the co-owner. A competitor may ask to be put in a part of a class that their partner is not judging. However, show organisers may specify that the entries would be returned where an entry had been made by the partner of a judge where the class had not been split.

Regulation S17.f


Judges at a Rally competition may enter a class they are not judging, provided it does not conflict with their judging assignment. However, host associations will not interrupt or delay any class to accommodate judges must not enter for competition a dog which is recorded in their sole ownership, or handle a dog, at the Competition at which they are judging. A dog recorded in part ownership with the Judge may be entered for competition in any part of a class other than the part which the judge is judging.

(Deletion struck through. Insertion underlined)

1st July 2016

Rally Working Party

The Rally Working Party acts as a channel of communication between the Kennel Club and those who compete in Rally. Like the Liaison Councils for Agility, Obedience Heelwork to Music and Working Trials, the Working Party has been set up to represent grass-roots opinion within the Kennel Club, and to promote a better understanding among competitors of how the Kennel Club functions. It will play an essential role in reviewing the regulations for licenced Rally competitions and to advise the Kennel Club on any regulation changes that may be needed.

Working Party members are interested in hearing the views and ideas of competitors, and will be seen at many Rally shows during the year.

Working Party Meetings

The next Working Party meeting will be held on 16 January 2017. If you wish to submit a proposal or discussion item for the Working Party to consider, it should be submitted to a Rally representative (see below).

Rally Summary of Recommendations

19 January 2016

Recommendations by the Working Party will be submitted to the Activities Sub-Committee and then the General Committee. All approved Regulations will be effective from 1 January of the following year.

18 July 2016 Working Party Members