23rd SEPTEMBER 2020 It has been brought to our attention that the laminated signs currently available from theKennel Club do not fit either sign holders or acrylic versions that are available elsewhere. Please be warned! 19th SEPTEMBER 2020 Mini-Signs courtesy of Three legged Cross (Moira)updated levels 1-6 - see Resources 11th SEPTEMBER 2020 The Roger Rally Club added to Groups & Clubs (UK Wide) 8th SEPTEMBER 2020 Stoneligh Rally “Staycation” Rally Relay in support of Medical Detection Dogs See “Virtual Rally” page 2021 Rally Competition Dates (latest notices at top of list) See Rally Compeitions Page for details Northumberland (4th July 2021 & 28th November 2021) Banbury (31st July/1St August 2021) Somerset Rally (11th September 2021) Rally Dogs/IABTC Haxey (24th/25th July 2021) Ditton (22nd August 2021) FIT Dogs Club (2nd January 2021)
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